Tendring News

Amongst the many emails that I receive as a councillor are the press releases from the TDC press office. I had not previously been aware of them, though they are all available at http://www.tendringdc.gov.uk/council/latest-council-news.
Some are also covered in The Gazette. Three struck me as particularly worth a mention.

First, was the announcement that we have an extra Blue Flag beach this year, with the addition of Walton’s Albion Beach. The beaches at Brightlingsea, Martello Bay (Clacton), Frinton and Dovercourt Bay all retained their Blue Flag awards. Having lived for many years in the North East of England where there are many beaches on the relatively sparsely populated Northumbrian coastline which do not have Blue Flag status, I find this particularly impressive. A sincere “Thank You” to all who have helped to deliver this.

Second, is the welcome reminder that the Aviva professional women’s tour will be back in Clacton in two weeks time. I believe this is part of the only multi-day women’s cycling event . . . “in the world”! As a UKIP councillor, I cannot but feel rather irritated that the TDC press release quotes of Cllr Mick Skeels, our new Leisure portfolio holder. The councillor who could rightly claim credit for this would be Cllr Mark Platt, but his replacement was part of the deal that saw Cllr Skeels defect from UKIP only days after being elected on that platform.

Finally, welcome news that the airshow performance list is looking stronger than ever this year. The Red Arrows will be with us on both days. The Chinook display team have been added to the show. And, we keep our fingers crossed that we can sign up the Vulcan as well. The only airshow on the East Coast is something we can be justly proud of.

Leading up to the recent elections there was some mean-spirited London-centric portrayal, in the national press, of Clacton as somehow “left behind”; and not just by Matthew Parris. I just can’t see where they get that from. Clacton is thriving!