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This post is not directly relevant to St Paul’s ward or even to Clacton. It is just that I get irritated when I see something reported in a way that appears to pussy-foot around an issue the author is quite unnecessarily nervous of. I am greatful [again] to Cllr Peter Cawthron for pointing this one out. The ONS (Office for National Statistics) have just released the list of names given to newborn boys and girls in 2014, in England and Wales. The press release–england-and-wales/2013/stb-baby-names-2013.html and subsequent reporting, such as in The Independent has been that the two names are Amelia and Oliver.

That may be true in a narrow, literal sense, as Oliver does come in with 6,949 occurences. However, when you put together the spelling of Mohammed, with Muhammed and Mohammad as well, you get 7,445 occurences. Yes – You could add in the Oili’s and Olivier’s as well, but it doesn’t bridge the gap. ONS figures are here–england-and-wales/2013/rtd-baby-names–boys–2013.xls

Mohammed has been the most popular name for baby boys for the last few years, and will be for years into the future. For those who feel uncomfortable with this . . .  Get used to it! For those not so encumbered . . . Enjoy! We have always been a mongrel race.

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  1. Good morning Ashley…

    Next time you see Douglas, can you please ask him why he has chosen not to accept reader’s comments on his blog?

    When I met him briefly in January, at a UKIP dinner I told him that I had a great deal of respect for his courage and I thought that he had much to bring to UKIP…

    Since then he has effectively become the sole parliamentary representative of nearly four million UKIP voters. Of course, the newspapers and the electronic meeja have chosen to ignore this fact.

    Nigel does not run a blog, but he does get a fair bit of press coverage and he has his little guest appearances on various websites like Breitbart, and he always accepts comments…

    These are not merely for the benefit or chagrin of their creators, they also generate healthy debate amongst commenters, and are great for spreading the word…

    Please have a word, I assume that you meet him regularly.



    BTW: I am not at all happy that we are being overwhelmed by the Muslim hordes, and I suspect that many others aren’t either… Which is probably why the ONS is apparently playing fast and loose with its lies.

    It can’t have escaped your notice that everywhere where this lot establish themselves, there is mayhem… even in the places where everyone is a Muslim… it then becomes Sunni vs Shiite!

    Stop being so bloody credulous!

    1. Stephen Jenner,
      I am with Ashley on this one. I hope you don’t have many opportunities to put your prejudices into practice, though I suspect you will probably be meeting muslims in all areas of life and not even know it.

      1. @John Ratford…

        I do not have any prejudices against Muslims sir.

        I was merely making an observation.

        There was a further exchange with Councillor Mooney in which I explained my thoughts in a less peremptory manner…

        And yes, I know plenty of Moslems, I have some as family members too. However, I stand by my comments, since the evidence is in front of those that are prepared to see, rather than look.

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