EU Referendum

In amongst all the debate prompted by the announcement that the referendum will be on Thursday 23rd June, there are some certainties – things all parties do actually agree on. Even though this is not a Tendring only issue, and I am not a national representative, this decision will profoundly affect people in Tendring. So I am adding my two penny worth here.

What are these certainties?

Perhaps most importantly in the short term, we will have control over who we allow to come into this country. We absolutely must stop the unrestricted immigration of low skilled labour. In my view this suits David Cameron and his rich friends just fine. I believe they want an unlimited supply of cheap labour to work in their homes and their businesses. It is a disaster for low skilled people already in the UK.

All the recipients of money form the EU can continue to receive these payments if the UK leaves the EU. In addition, the UK will be able to spend its net contribution in the UK. This net contribution is variously cited as £10bn or £8bn. Whichever, this is a substantial amount of money.

We will immediately have control over our policies on; farming, fishing, energy, and the environment – to mention just some that are currently controlled in Brussels.

The status quo is not an option. The EU is integrating rapidly. Project Fear represent this as a choice between “the devil you know” and “the devil you don’t”. They are wrong. “The devil you know” is not an option.

And where do the Remain and Leave campaigns differ most sharply?

Trade – without a doubt. I am quite sure that we will be much better off leaving the EU, but I have to accept that there is no consensus on this. The arguments of the Remain campaign are pitifully weak, and supported overwhelmingly by big business that has a vested interest in retaining the status quo. In my view, big companies with high market shares have invested a lot of money in getting the rules written to suit their products and they are only too happy for it to stay that way.

Crony corporatism has gone on for too long. June 23rd really is the moment for the normal working people of this country to take back control.