I have today resigned as councillor for the St Paul’s ward on Tendring District Council. I will be going to live in New Zealand.

It would not be right to say that I have really enjoyed my time as a councillor – being in opposition is frustrating. Watching the Conservatives and their Country Club friends ride roughshod over local opinion on the Local Plan has been no fun at all. Why they insist on a plan to build far more homes than can possibly be justified remains a mystery to me.

However, it has been a privilege and certainly interesting. I hope that the residents of St Pauls ward feel I have represented them properly, both on the local plan committee and to council officers.

I leave with nothing but affection for Clacton and wish all of you well.

I plan to continue the blog, to give a Englishman’s view of the world form New Zealand. So, please do continue to return and hopefully I can provide a different and interesting perspective.