Americas Cup Coverage

Emirates New Zealand won the Americas Cup, beating Oracle USA by 6-1 in the final in Bermuda’s Great Sound. Redemption after losing the final 8-9 four years ago, having lead 8-1. A great story. And one that is fully reported in New Zealand. Not surprisingly.

However, when I open the sports section my hard copy Daily Telegraph this morning? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And BAR UK was one of the teams competing in this competition. BAR UK lost to Emirates NZ in the quarter finals.

To be fair, the BBC do report the Americas cup result; just below “Shrewsbury Town are first club to apply for safe standing” and above ” Roy of the Rovers cartoonist who made putting an art form”.

Are we really such bad losers in the UK? Or so parochial? Maybe, at a time when the MSM are full of what may go wrong in Brexit negotiations, they have also lost the plot on other international events as well?