Street Lighting

Please let me have your views on turning the street lights back on in St Paul’s ward, by emailing me at

There is a working party looking at street lighting which Cllr Andrew Pemberton (UKIP) is part of. He has asked me to provide a St Paul’s ward view of the only option currently under consideration, which is to turn the lights on or off between the hours of 1am and 5am at the ward level. TDC has asked Essex County Council if they would allow this and do not want to over complicate matters with different wards promoting more finely tuned solutions.

Are there particular areas that you would like the lights back on for? My personal preference would be for major roads, such as Holland Road and Marine Parade East to have the lights on all night; plus certain specific public locations, such as roads leading to Clacton Leisure Centre.

What do you think?

Update:- I have just advised Cllr Pemberton that, given  a straight choice between all on or all off 1am – 5am, St Paul’s ward chooses to have the street lights on!

I sincerely hope there is an opportunity for a more nuanced approach. Indeed I would support the lights on Eastcliff Avenue, where I live, being off.