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Please let me have your views on turning the street lights back on in St Paul’s ward, by emailing me at

There is a working party looking at street lighting which Cllr Andrew Pemberton (UKIP) is part of. He has asked me to provide a St Paul’s ward view of the only option currently under consideration, which is to turn the lights on or off between the hours of 1am and 5am at the ward level. TDC has asked Essex County Council if they would allow this and do not want to over complicate matters with different wards promoting more finely tuned solutions.

Are there particular areas that you would like the lights back on for? My personal preference would be for major roads, such as Holland Road and Marine Parade East to have the lights on all night; plus certain specific public locations, such as roads leading to Clacton Leisure Centre.

What do you think?

Update:- I have just advised Cllr Pemberton that, given  a straight choice between all on or all off 1am – 5am, St Paul’s ward chooses to have the street lights on!

I sincerely hope there is an opportunity for a more nuanced approach. Indeed I would support the lights on Eastcliff Avenue, where I live, being off.

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  1. Resident’s response from peterbuff to a consultation on part night street lighting conducted by Ward Councillors Andrew pemberton and lis benison.
    The majority of the residents of peter buff would like the lights turned back on during the hours of 1 – 5 am, Monday to Saturday and 12pm – 5am on Sunday.

    many thanks

  2. Residents say a resounding ON to night lighting in Tendring.

    Residents across the Gazettes area are saying a resounding ON to night street lighting. Some 79% of respondents so far voted Yes to putting the street lights back on at night. Councillor Andrew Pemberton says “I am really pleased that the residents of Tendring have decided to have their say. We asked the Gazette to print a letter requesting people to text with their views – and they have done so saying YES to turning our street lighting back on“. Only 21% of areas responding so far want the lights kept off are Frinton, Holland and Kirby and Brightlingsea. The other areas stating a preference were Alton Park, Bursville, Golf Green, Hamford, Little Clacton and Weeley, Peter Bruff, Pier, St Marys and Walton – all voting Yes to have the lights put back on. Analysis of the figures indicates that areas tend to vote one way or another there were no split votes in the survey – all areas were clear with their on or off views. Commenting on the early results Councillor Pemberton who is councillor for Peter Bruff ward one of the ON areas, says the vote isn’t over yet anyone can still tell us their views:

    CO15 1JG On Alton Park
    CO7 0PH Off Brightlingsea
    CO15 4LH On Burrsville
    CO13 9AN Off Frinton
    CO15 2PR On Golf Green
    CO15 2QD On Golf Green
    CO15 2RH On Golf Green
    CO13 0TU On Hamford
    CO13 0DZ Off Holland and Kirby
    CO13 0JE Off Holland and Kirby
    CO16 9JU On Little Clacton and Weeley
    CO16 9JU On Little Clacton and Weeley
    CO16 9JU On Little Clacton and Weeley
    CO16 8UR On Peter Bruff
    CO15 6BX On Pier
    CO15 6PH On Pier
    CO15 4EA On St Marys
    CO15 4EL On St Marys
    CO14 8QL On Walton

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